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Frequently Asked Questions

Reflections on the Bay is owned and operated by Ozcare. We are a special work of St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland and a leading not-for-profit provider of aged, community and health services, and we’ve been proudly caring for the Queensland community for over 25 years.

To help you understand more about retirement living with Ozcare at Reflections on the Bay, we’ve put together a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

FAQs – Purchasing Your New Home

1. What is the ownership structure of Reflections on the Bay?

You will acquire a right to reside at Reflections on the Bay by entering into a Licence to Occupy Agreement.

2. What is a License to Occupy Agreement?

Residents purchase a licence to occupy the home by way of an interest free loan to the operator. While you reside in the home, your tenure is fully secure in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (QLD). There is no registration on title. You will not be required to pay GST, stamp duty or council rates.

3. How does the legislation protect my security of tenure?

The Retirement Villages Act 1999 (QLD) protects you with:

  • Disclosure and cooling-off period during the contracting process
  • Restrictions on the process to determine (or vary) any weekly fees payable by you
  • Limits on your obligation to pay for ongoing fees after you leave the village; and
  • Rights for you in relation to payment of your exit entitlement
4. Is there a resident age eligibility to reside at Reflections on the Bay?

Residents are required to be over 65 years of age, or if there is more than one resident acquiring the right to reside, one of the residents of the couple is required to be over 65 years of age.

5. Does Reflections on the Bay offer flexible entry price options or have a fixed cost to purchase a home within the village?

Reflections on the Bay offers flexible entry price options with the Deferred Management Fee (DMF) model.

You have a choice with how much ingoing contribution you wish to pay as Reflections on the Bay offers individual tailored payment options to suit your personal circumstances.

Reflections on the Bay offers a standard purchase price option with a DMF of 30% calculated on the ingoing contribution.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay a higher ingoing contribution and a reduced DMF or a lower ingoing contribution and a higher DMF.

The DMF is calculated as a percentage of your ingoing contribution. The DMF based on the standard list price for Reflections on the Bay is calculated as follows:

  • 10% for the first year
  • 5% each year for the next 4 years
  • Nothing thereafter
6. What are the costs that I need to pay to secure my home at Reflections on the Bay?

To secure your new home you will pay $5,000 fully refundable holding deposit for your selected residence.

You are responsible for paying your own legal costs (if any) incurred in documenting and processing the Residence Contract. You are also responsible for paying our legal costs incurred in documenting and processing this Residence Contract.

You will also need to pay the ingoing contribution (purchase price) which is payable at settlement.

7. What documentation is provided to me prior to making my purchase decision?

Under the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (QLD) you will be provided with a suite of legal documents for you to review prior to making a purchase decision.

There is a minimum period of 21 days for you to review the Prospective Costs documents prior to signing the Residence Agreement. Should you wish to enter the Residence Agreement before the 21-day period, you can sign the 21-day Precontractual Disclosure Waiver document, executed by your solicitor.

We recommend you seek independent advice from you solicitor and financial planner.

Following is the suite of legal documents you will receive prior to purchase:



Village Comparison Document (VCD)

Includes standard information about the village making it easy for you to compare to other retirement villages.

Expression of Interest & Authority and Direction

For you to review and sign.

Prospective Costs Document (PCD)

Explains costs to move into, during residence and leaving the village. You must have this document for a minimum of 21 days prior to signing the Residence
agreement unless you sign a precontractual disclosure waiver with your solicitor.

Precontractual Disclosure Waive

For you to review with your solicitor, only required if you want to waive the
21-day PCD review period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information and queries you may have about the village.

Residence Agreement

Details the terms and conditions of the Licence agreement you are entering into
including Ozcare’s and the Resident’s rights and responsibilities. Once executed
this agreement is binding under the Retirement Villages Act 1999.

Code of Conduct

For your information.

8. Who is responsible for the insurance of my home and the village?

The village has an extensive policy which ensures all buildings, including communal facilities and accommodation units, are covered in the event of disaster. Residents contribute to the cost of this insurance as part of the weekly fee.

You will be responsible for your private property, the contents of your home and your vehicle. You will also be responsible for any accidental or deliberate damage to the home.

9. I need to sell my home before I can settle at Reflections on the Bay?

We understand that you may need to sell your existing property before you can settle. Accordingly, if required, Ozcare may make a Sunset Clause in the agreement, subject to such a sale and agree a suitable time frame to enable that to occur. After documents have been finalised, we will make all settlement arrangements with your solicitor.

10. I’m ready to move into my new home at Reflections on the Bay. What is next?

Staff at Reflections on the Bay will help coordinate your move into the village to make the transition easier by assisting with the following:

  • Completion of the entry condition report for your new home
  • Providing you with manuals for your appliances and keys for your villa and the village
  • Completion of relevant paperwork so that, for example, we have a record of your next of kin and contact details for your emergency contact; and
  • Helping you to complete the paperwork for your weekly fees

FAQs – Living at Reflections on the Bay

11. What are my weekly fees and what do they pay for?

As a resident, you will pay a weekly fee to cover the costs associated with the lifestyle. Your weekly fee will include two components:

  • Your General Services Charge; and
  • Your Maintenance Reserve Fund Contribution

The General Service Charges includes:

  • Management and administration of the village and provision for staff and contractors including a Village Manager and/or relief staff
  • Cleaning of common areas of the village
  • Day to day maintenance of village gardens and common facilities
  • Payment of property costs including Council rates, water, building insurance and waste management.

The Maintenance Reserve Fund includes:

  • Maintenance and repair of the common areas of the village
  • Control and eradication of pests in the common property
    12. What is not funded by my weekly fee?

    Your weekly fees do not cover your own or personal utilities (telephone, Wi-Fi and electricity), contents and vehicle insurance policies, personal alarms or personal care services.

    13. Will my weekly fee change?

    In general, and subject to some limited exceptions, Ozcare cannot increase the general service charges by more than CPI – without residents’ approval in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Qld).

    You will be provided with proposed annual budgets, including the general services charge and maintenance reserve fund contribution amounts payable.

    14. Can I have visitors come to stay with me?

    Yes, of course! We encourage friends and family to visit and stay for a short period of time. In the interest of safety and security of our residents, and to help visitors get more from their stay, all visitors and residents must comply with our visitor policy.

    15. Can I bring my pet?

    Yes, of course! This is your home so your pet companions are welcome to come too. However, you will need to get approval first from village management. Our policy is that small pets are preferred.

    16. What ageing-in-place features does the home include?

    All homes at Reflections on the Bay are designed to enable residents to age-in-place, with wide corridors and wheelchair accessibility to main areas. The homes can accommodate an emergency call system (at your cost) and also provide an intercom system for added security and ease.

    17. Can I make any modifications to my villa?

    Our homes are contemporary, sophisticated and inviting, with modern fixtures and fittings throughout. While most of our residents enjoy our homes as they come, there is the option to make alterations to your new home. Any alteration is subject to our approval and will be at your cost to install and maintain. Please note, reinstatement conditions apply to modifications.

    18. Does the village or my new home have solar energy?

    Solar energy for individual homes will be considered on a case by case basis, however, residents may be asked to remove the solar panels and cover the costs when they leave the village.

    19. What is the role of the Village Manager?

    Your Village Manager is a friendly face who will help make your time enjoyable, stress-free and will oversee the daily running of the village.  

    20. Can I take a long holiday away from the village?

    Yes, of course! As part of our Emergency Management Plan, it is important that you inform the Village Manager of your time away.

    21. Can I access support services while I live in my new home?

    Yes, of course! Many residents may require the services of visiting healthcare professionals, such as care providers, general practitioners, physiotherapists and podiatrists.

    Ozcare is proud to be one of the largest and most qualified home care providers in Queensland and we offer a discount on Home Care Package services for residents in our retirement villages. Please ask us about how we can help.

    22. Can I tend to my garden?

    The maintenance of the front garden is coordinated by Ozcare and funded from the village budget. The maintenance of the back garden is the resident’s responsibility. Ozcare can maintain the back garden on a fee for service basis.

    FAQs – Leaving Reflections on the Bay

    23. What happens if I can no longer live independently?

    We understand that our residents’ needs change. If living independently is no longer an option and you require the care of a residential aged care facility, the village management will work with you and your family to help make your transition smoother.

    Reflections on the Bay has the benefit of being co-located next to our award-winning Hervey Bay aged care facility. As a resident of Reflections on the Bay you will have VIP access to Ozcare services including home care.  

    24. What happens if I decide to leave the village?

    We understand that sometimes circumstances change. If you choose to leave your home you will need to give notice in writing, of a  minimum of one month, to the Village Manager.

    25. What happens if I pass away?

    Our objective is to make the process as smooth as possible for your family. We will deal with your executors in relation to the termination of contractual agreements and exit entitlement.

    26. Will I have to continue paying my weekly fee once I leave the village?

    Your direct debit payments for the maintenance and management of your home will cease after you vacate.

    Any unpaid weekly fees will accrue for a maximum of 90 days (after you exit) and this accrued amount will be deducted from the exit entitlement payable to you (or your estate) when your home is resold.

    If your home is resold before the 90-day period passes, your weekly fees will only accrue up until the date that the new resident pays his/her ingoing contribution for the home.

    27. When is my exit entitlement payable?

    When you vacate the village, you will be entitled to a payment which is referred to as your exit entitlement. Your exit entitlement is calculated by reference to the amount you paid when you entered the village (your ingoing contribution), less the exit fee payable by you.

    Your exit entitlement is normally payable within 14 days of the date on which sale of your home to a new resident is settled. If your home has not been re-sold within 18 months of you vacating, you will be paid the exit entitlement (minus your deferred management fee and any other costs you’ve accrued).

    28. What is my exit fee?

    Your exit fee is calculated on a daily basis in accordance with the terms of your Residence Contract.

    29. What are my responsibilities regarding the reinstatement and renovation of my home when I leave?

    Before you vacate your home, you will need to reinstate it, which means that you will need to bring it back to the condition that it was in when you moved in minus fair wear and tear.